Top 5 keyword research tools for SEO

Hello, guys in this post I am going to tell you about ‘Top 5 keyword research tools for SEO’. So guys as you know if you wanted to drive organic traffic.  then you need to use keyword analysis tool or keyword research tool. For finding perfect keyword for your article.

Top 5 keyword research tool for SEO

Many bloggers write the post on their blog without using Keyword Research Tool or Keywords. Due to that their post never comes on the top in search Engines. 

So I personally recommend that if you want to write a good Post then you need to research for keywords. and In this post, I will tell you about best free tools available on the Internet and these tools will help you to rank your Post on top searches in search Engines and help you to drive organic traffic from the search engines.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

There are many tools available on the internet that help you to come up with the right keywords but in this post, i will tell ‘Top 5 keyword research tools for SEO’ from which you can do free keyword research.

  • Google Keyword Planner

This is most popular and free keyword research tool on the internet and managed by Google Adwords services. Almost all bloggers use this tool to Keyword Research. Google keyword planner was created for Adwords Users to keywords research and drive traffic to their site. but you can still use this tool for free, for this you must have a google account for login to Google Adwords.

If you want to use Google Keyword Planner log in to your AdWords account and click Keyword Planner option from the Tool Tab option.

Top 5 keyword research tools for SEO


This is the one most popular keyword Research Tools, You can use it for free to Keyword Research. this tool also helps you to search long tail keyword filtered by country and language.

top 5 free keyword research tools

  • Keyword Eye

Eye Keyword allows you to filter your keyword analysis by language, a country such as other premium tools. they provide a complete package of keyword research features and it’s all free. you can also use this tool to calculate or research on a particular keyword.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

  • UberSuggest

UberSuggest keyword tool is a basic and simple keyword research tool that suggest you to more enough keywords related to your keyword by adding some letters to the end of your query. you can use it too long tail keyword suggestion, It works on Google principles Auto suggest. It adds some alphabet letters with your searched keywords and makes a long tail keyword strings that come with the same letter.

Top 5 keyword research tools for SEO

  • Long-Tail Keywords

You can also use the Google to Long Tail Keyword Research. This is not a Keyword Research Tool but you can get an idea related to your keyword.  Search your keyword on Google and Scroll Down your search page, find your long tail keyword here.

Keyword research Tools

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