7 things that you can do to improve your smartphone’s battery life

One of the most crucial issues when buying a new smartphone today is the battery life. while we are constantly looking for larger batteries and quick charges and also sometimes battery packs. there are alternatives to improve your battery life.

So guys today I am going to tell about ‘7 things that you can do to improve your smartphone’s battery life’ 

7 ways to increase your smartphone’s battery life

7 ways to increase your smartphone’s battery life.

Keep the GPS, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data off

Those are the capabilities of a phone which make a Smartphone smart however they’re also a battery killer. So, for saving battery You should use them most effective on every occasion we need to. Otherwise, retaining these functions on will reduce your day’s battery life up to two-three hours.

Turn “Wake Lock Screen For Notifications” OFF

This feature additionally kills a lot our battery energy through strolling display up on every occasion even as we get any notification from any app. You may flip off from notification settings.

Brightness Control

These days, smartphones are coming with higher resolutions screen and for this reason, it makes use of more battery. So, it’s far very important to minimize the percentage usage of the display screen in general battery utilization.

The extra you preserve the brightness the more your battery will drain. So, adjust your battery in keeping with your surroundings & additionally use the car- brightness functions while you are out.

Turn OFF Vibrations on Keyboard Presses

This controls haptic remarks of key presses for all your inputs performed thru keyboard, in case you are a heavy chatter/texter you are unknowingly the use of too much energy via this, better flip this vibration off.

Turn off Auto Play Store Update

By way of default, play Store placing uses car-replace approach over wi-fi, which might be worrying at instances as it will hog the bandwidth & battery,  it is higher to update apps whilst we need to. Additionally, it saves our records too.

Turn off Auto-Sync

Auto-sync makes use of our battery electricity too much as it usually syncs statistics with servers to our smartphones. So, it is higher to show off automobile sync and manually sync while we need to sync our statistics.

Turn Off Google Location

As I said in advance GPS makes use of too much battery, google region history also makes use of GPS and tracks our daily direction and places that are a vain characteristic for the maximum the customers. So, it is good for our battery to show it off.

These are Some tips, that’ll help you in increasing your smartphone’s battery life.

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